1-15-11 by dave

I just totally kicked back here at the Trailer today, resting up for the coming week of festivities.  The visibility seemed variable most of the day, but you can rest assured the hill was  in good shape and ready for whatever you bring.    I am excited to see what new and exciting shot will get the extreme Grooming nod.  I still can’t get over catching Adager for the first time this season.   Lower Primrose Path was also over the top with great velvet.  Yes, this week is going to be great.  Reports from the hill are indicating the off trail becoming more user friendly as the warmer temps. somehow morph the essence.    Here is a very recent shot of Pipeline.   I took it with all the folks, who are where ever they are,  wishing they were here, in mind so they can grab the image and make it wallpaper  or just get stoked.   I don’t have much to report, so I will see you tomorrow when the first Boat leaves the dock.  IBBY!!


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