1-14-11 by dave

The hill was graced overnight with 2” of sumptuous frosting that had enough density to afford a cushion for the faithful who were drawn by the essence.  The visibility was marginal, but that did not detract from the charge of the fall line.  I went with the smooth that I had been dialing in all week, to get the most out of the subtle deposit.  I did venture far afield to sample the various aspects, finding that the crud had improved markedly with the new snow, though there was  distinct turbulence to deal with in most cases.  I used the tried and true turn averaging technique to smooth out the ride in those rough and tumble spots.  I went back to the prepared shots to give my knees a rest from the pummeling of the off trail crud.  The Sun was trying to come out in the afternoon, but the clouds seemed to hang on the hill tenaciously.  I bailed to start my day off early and spare my knees the impact of the developing harbor chop that cropped up with the Sun peaking through the clouds.  Tomorrow, look for improved weather and visibility to go with it, and the fresh Groomed shots that are ready to shralp.  The special shots that have been prepared in the last 2 days have been such a treat, with Adager delivering a steep relentless decent, and angel smooth buff dust to sweeten the turns.  You must try these sections out for yourself, and slow down a touch to collect more of each perfect turn. The feel, the sound, the rarity, and the shear vertical demand is a treasure to be absorbed and filed away for Summer reflection.  Have a great day tomorrow, make a couple extra deep turns for yours truly!    Peace Out!!!

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