1-13-11 by dave

Bright Sun and warmer temps. greeted the morning crew, who were treated to a smorgasbord of of Ground Pounding Groomers that had been prepared on both sides of the hill.  The high light was the rare, and very steep, Adager, which had been returned to its open mountain state.  The first mow  also yields the most perfect cold snow imaginable, and first tracks on that silken surface is as good as it gets.  It might get deeper, but it does not get better.   Tomorrow, look for some snow to have fallen on the hill, which is only sporting a mild amplitude rumble overall.  The North facing is holding the smooth, making that aspect worth a consideration.  The crud has improved with the rise in temperature and more on the hill is becoming very approachable and not nearly as stiff as it has been of late.  The entrances are fully loaded, inviting a running start.   The Gad 2 area is a good call in the fog and has some of the big shots covered  over like I have rarely seen.  It is going to be another great day, so eat your Wheaties.   Ciao!!!

3 Responses to “GROUND POUNDING”

  1. George Tratiak says:

    Very nice good work Dave

  2. Shawn Orr says:

    Thanks Dave for the report, and the advice on the Tram this morning. Where is the place to be for intermediates tomorrow morning?

  3. alta lew d says:

    How does it compare to a mountain roller coaster? Haha! Carve those groomers like a rail.

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