5-06-16 by dave

Thunder and lightning were resounding early this morning, with some serious showers pounding the Trailer.  The temps. were still quite warm in the Valley, so there was not going to be much of a freeze up on the hill with all that cloud cover.  The showers moved off as the lifts opened, and the pack was already for a sorbet delight right out of the Chute.  The Sun would make an appearance from time to time, but clouds would fill in and keep moving through throughout the day, until around 2:00PM. when the rain began to fall.  Traffic was very light, and I was one of the folks who did not make an appearance today due to the looks of the sky. DSC03838I took the opportunity to clear some of the broken and dead fronds of this Bamboo patch that grows here next to the Trailer along the corral fence.  The heavy snow of the Winter put the hurt on some of the fronds, but as you can see this grove is looking quite luxurious.   Tomorrow, look for more showers to be moving in and out during the day, but, like today, some Sun make peak through the clouds now and again.  With the warm Southerly flow, the pack should be ready to go for the opening bell.  Those smooth freshly tilled lines are going to be perfect.  The higher elevations may be a bit more frozen, but lower on the hill should be good to go.  These are the last couple of days of the regular season, so be there for the smooth carving.  Peace Out!!

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