5-05-16 by dave

Clouds threatened to darken the morning, but moved off, letting the Sun shine on the dance floor for the morning session.  With a base temp. of 53 Degrees, it was slightly warmer than yesterday, and the freeze was not nearly as deep.  Sorbet goodness was going off on the lower elevations of the hill, so the Morning Crew stuck with the Zoom, Gad 2 laps while the higher elevations began to break.  Once again,  Gadzooks had been given a fresh till, which felt great for those early turns before the warming made it all too soft.  Later, around 11:30 AM., the upper elevations began to break, with some nicely tilled lines offering smooth sorbet goodness.  Here is a shot of Regulator from the top of Mark Malu, which still had not quite broken and a DSC03837solitary snowboarder, who we saw having a tough time on the Cat Track, is seen here doing a slide for life on the yet unbroken line.  Not to worry, he got up and shook off the dust and kept going.  After Noon, staying up high was the call to avoid the sticky factor going on down low.   Tomorrow, look for another day of corn goodness, though the sky may be a bit more overcast as a weather system is moving in.   There will be stout South winds associated with the approach, and there may be some snow in the mix.  We will just have to see how it all shakes out.  Coverage remains excellent top to bottom with no thin spots anywhere.   IBBY!!!!

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