5-07-16 by dave

Temps. were fairly brisk as the early chairs were filled with the assembled early risers.  The pack was fairly crispy, especially above the mid mountain elevations.  Clouds were hugging the Twins, but the visibility was good, however there was a cold wind blowing that left me under dressed for sure.  I found a bit of a break below the Mid Mountain restaurant, and followed that line to the bottom, taking advantage of the low angle lines that had been ignored.  As the morning progressed, the festive feel began to arrive on the hill as well as more softening of the pack.  DSC03841Since the Tram was  not running, Lexi was on hand with here Red Tram cohort to keep the vibe alive.  I had made the morning laps and was waiting for the Skiing Elvi who were on the way.  DSC02889Here they are in full regalia, ready to take on the corn goodness that was waiting for them on the hill.  They are a great group of folks, who really get into the spirit of the season.  I forget how many seasons they have celebrated this tradition, but I always look forward to their arrival on the hill.  Rock On gang!!   Tomorrow, look for more unsettled weather.  The temps. have fallen in general in the past day, so I expect the pack to be fairly crispy to start off the day.  The pack is still holding up, with only the fringes becoming a bit thin, but the main runs are full on good to go.  I will have to look at the weather and decide about weather to make it up in the AM.  Stay Frosty!!

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