5-08-16 by dave

A snowy day was on tap for the last day of the regular season.  Rain was pattering on the skin of the Trailer all night, and when I got up and looked at the Snow Cams on the Bird site I decided to pass on the day.  FB posts of the day looked very snowy and foggy, but spirits were high and the folks who were in attendance looked like they were having a good time.   Cold temps. made dressing for storm riding a must.  Yesterday, I was very under dressed, so I appreciated that a return to a Winter condition was in effect.  Here is a great shot of Dave and Ed sporting the image1spirit of the King on such a snowy day.  Great to see you rocking the snow in full regalia.  Thanks for such a great Crusty Fest last night.  I would give a word on tomorrow, but that will not happen as there is no lift service until  next Friday.  I will post going into the Weekend, but I have been called back into service fighting the Dark Matter Wars, which is ongoing, and which I had hoped not to be redeployed, but someone has to do it, so I will soldier on.   Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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