5-13-16 by dave

Perfect sorbet was the feature of today’s offerings up on the hill, as the overnight temps only firmed up the pack instead of a full freeze.  Only the due West facing aspects were full on crispy, but the rest of the hill was perfect right to the top.  Here is a shot of Regulator taken from the top of the Gad 2 Chair where we found excellent turns down a freshly buffed Zooks.  DSC03844Warm morning temps. guaranteed that the goods were not going to last long, but that hard freeze on the high West facing aspects extended the quality past Noon.  Here is a shot of Zooks DSC03842which was as good as it gets, I don’t care what other kinds of perfect there are.  This offering, and the rest of the morning session, was as good as a powder day in terms of exquisite quality.  I was dialing back the roll to dial in maximum turns from each run, which I was pretending was hard earned back country corn.  Here is a  great shot of Jones Malone, who was digging theDSC03843goodness with me all morning long.  I have been skiing with him for 40 years now, and he skis better today than when he was a kid;  A full on ripper.  Mark Malu and the entire area accessed from the Road to Provo was also just off the charts great, with the off trail offering perfect consistency, which I found surprising.  I kept lapping those line combinations out there for the second part of the morning.  Regulator was the last to break which offered more perfect consistency for the early partakers.    Here is a shot of TEAM BEER, who were sampling the sorbet and champagne that was being served up today. DSC03846Tomorrow, look for another excellent morning of sorbet goodness, as the warming air temps. will not provide a hard freeze overnight.  Opening turns will be good to go and will offer the great conditions of today tomorrow.  Be there early to get the goods, as the lower elevations do not last long and get sticky around 10:30AM.  Coverage is excellent top to bottom, with no bare spots to be seen.  There is plenty of cover at the base elevation as well with no issues getting to the chair.  See you there early for the morning laps.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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