5-14-16 by dave

Very warm temps. and bright Sun opened the day, with a full break on the pack, and the high West facing aspects still crispy to start.  Tenderizing effort had been employed on Regulator, but it still needed some time to soften up.  Gad 2 offered a fresh till on Gadzooks, that felt smooth and corny, with very well developed corn down lower on Lower Bassakwards that felt delightful on those first two runs.  Light traffic was happening for the first hour, but a lot of folks were showing up in droves after 10:00AM.  Here is a great shot of two folks who were styling some serious flair for the Spring conditions.  DSC03847Offerings off the Road to Provo were excellent, with the Rasta Chutes soft and playable, though they did get a bit worked yesterday, so the smoothness factor was missing.  When Regulator broke, the consistency was smooth and tasty, making numerous laps there the call before it went too far to the soft side.  On the lower mountain, the sticky factor was an issue, so staying up high was the call.  A couple of dry spots cropped up on the very lowest line on the hill, but there is plenty of room to bypass that small bit of melt off.  Still, coverage remains excellent top to bottom.  Tomorrow, look for some weather to be moving in as the High slides off and a Low approaches.  I hope to see the Sun for the morning session before the clouds build in, so we’ll see.  Warm temps. will be still in effect, so the pack will be soft to begin and not last long down low. See you there for the Spring turns.  See the Line, Be the Line!!

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