4-08-09 by dave

Weathery is the word that was coined during the ride up first Tram Wednesday morning.  There was brisk snow falling, quite cold temps. , and a stout wind blowing out of the South ahead of the approaching front.  Good things this way comes.  The light was very flat, but the grooming was very consistent and groovalicious so one only needed to point and shoot.  Regulator had been given a re till and was not too bad considering the freeze thaw of yesterday.  Peruvian Gulch was the definite place to hang as Big Emma was just total PIG ON ICE glaze.  No softening today with the cold and overcast.  The flurry of snow, early on, provided a little tooth to the groomers, which helped a lot.  The wind increased and the sun made a brief appearance just long enough to put the sticky kiss on the fresh snow that had fallen.  However, the quality returned with the overcast and cold which rejuvenated the fresh snow again.  Visibility was variable from run to run, but was good enough for keeping it real.  The forecast is for a lot.  How much is anyone’s guess, but I am holding out for OODLES.  Now just for scale, it takes 10 GOBBS to make an OODLE so you so the math.  I am counting on enough that you should check the canyon status in the AM before heading up.  The high North facing has smoothed out quite a bit with the wind,  but the West and South exposures have the heavy crustitude going so that could be a rough ride . It all depends on the quality and quantity.  Last cycle the bottom was no problem so lets hold out for more of the same; and why not?  The winter is still charging so we must do the same!!!  CHARGE IT!!!

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