Ahhh Yeahhh !!

4-09-09 by dave

OK!  Thursday morning followed a night of torrential rain here at the communications trailer, which banged off the roof of the Air Stream and kept waking me up.  I checked the canyon report and , for joy, it was open and good to go.  A report of 8” was posted so I was hoping for the best and I was treated to fully knee deep groppel.  This full bodied product cushioned the underlying crust and skied  great.  It was not quite deep enough for face shots, but who’s complaining.  The underlying bump modules made some aspects a bit of a challenge as the honkin’ wind smoothed out the surface,  obscuring the brutality below.  I chose shots that were smoother , but I was caught a bit off guard out in Wilbre Bowl by some nasties that sent me out of the fall line.  I also ran into a couple of snow snakes, which were lurking in the depths but was able to out run them by the hair on my chin;  I forgot to shave this morning.  The faithful were holding out for services another day so lift lines were moving along briskly .  The visibility was a major factor as the day wore on, causing the dreaded milk bottle effect….. thought I was gonna puke!!!.  As the product got skied out the depth variations were tearing at my knees so I made a hasty retreat to the trailer to get this down for you.  It was still dumping hard when I left , but the valley seems to be breaking up a bit.  More on the way so this will be a great first course for added fluffiness.  It is spring but the winter is not giving up easily… I like it like that.  Ahhh Yeahhh!!!

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