No Pressure No Hype

4-10-09 by dave

It was a good Friday morning when the faithful decided not to show up.  Didn’t they care? Didn’t they know?  For the few who did attend, the hammering South wind  was applying Mother Nature’s  snow ZAMBONI to the high North aspects, where each run was as untracked as the first.  I skied No Baloney 5 times and never saw my own tracks top to bottom.  The other high North shots were hanging tough as well with deep fluffulecence, with not a bottom touch to be felt.  Oh the bliss, and no one there!!  Only a handful of the truly faithful were on hand to partake of the perfection.  The Tram was vacant and I was tempted to fake a DANCING WITH THE STARS routine but there were no takers… a bit too off the wall I guess, but when you can ball room dance on the Tram I say you should!  Needless to say it was full tilt boogie run after run.  It also must be pointed out that the groomers were epic.  Smooth, consistent, and groovalicious I must say.  Surprise was surprisingly buffed as well giving the lower third of the hill a steep drop charger… and nobody there!!!   The sun was slightly obscured by high clouds, but the green house effect was kicking in and the lower sections were setting up rapidly.  By 1:00PM the quality was headed south and my knees were screaming for mercy so I gave in.  What a morning.  The high traverse in Mineral Basin opened with rave reviews but I was busy hitting the front.  Got to get it while the getting is good.  Tomorrow will have high North aspects still holding the cold, but all others will have gone by leaving the groomers to rage on.  I predict light traffic as well.  Another instalment is on the way, but we will have to see  how much we get.  A huge sun dog around the sun portends good things to come so don’t touch that dial!!!

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