Spring Cruisin’

4-07-09 by dave

The Temps. were deceptive Tuesday morning.  I checked the temp at 54 deg. at Tanners Flat, which said that there was no freeze, but the cold nip for the first morning session made for soft groomers on the North facing.  Only the last 300′ of vert. had the dreaded glaze.  Regulator, as you would expect, was bullet proof.  Mineral Basin was the first to begin the softening ,though a quick look showed that the crunch had just barely let go.  The high North facing bowl features are still cold and soft ,though the bumps are beginning to form especially in the popular easy access shots.  The North facing in Little Cloud was good and edgeble, but the consistency was tricky where the sun angle caught subtle variations in aspect.  Big Emma was still scary at Noon.  The sun continued breaking the direct exposures and the lower elevation, but it was in no hurry.  Tomorrow is forecast for an approaching storm so conditions may be a bit more rugged and visibility might be less than full strength .  The Canyon had control issues beginning at 12:30PM until 5:00Pm so I had to bail to be sure I was not caught, so I missed the softening.  Oh well, there is much more to come, so no worries.  Delayed attendance will not be taken out of your pay check so arrive when you decide!!

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