Sun Bake

4-06-09 by dave

The relentless approach of spring has begun the inevitable bakeage.  Monday started out a tad cool, but clear and warming rapidly.  Interestingly, it took until 1:00Pm before Regulator broke and became increasingly sweet.  The high North aspects still held the cold and dry, but lower elevations became saturated.   Mineral Basin has taken the heat and will be the first to soften in the morning so that might be the best call early; on the groomers that is.  Look for very crusty crud in the exposed areas and set up crud in the deep trees .   Close attention to exposure will bring the best results tomorrow morning, but continued warmth will bring most sections around in due time.    2:00PM still had not gotten to the most frozen sections so a casual approach can be taken.  Sleep in if you want, you will be good to go, but rest assured I will be there for first bell.  It might be a good day for the WINGS to make an appearance.  Out of Area touring opened off of Gad 2 so I took a chance on scoring the last remnants of softness back there, but I was denied.  I encountered breakable crust to the knees wall to wall.  The  heat had kissed it all. I found 20 or 30 turns in the deepest trees North West facing , but for the most part it was knee ripper.  I won’t go back until the corn cycle.  You don’t know unless you go,  so…. you live you learn!!!   Another  great sunny day for tomorrow to be there!!

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