As Good As It Gets

4-05-09 by dave

Sunday brought a  sunny cold morning to the faithful who assembled for the services early.  I was blessed with a TRIFECTA.  First , I was present for the Powder Paradise opening where I  was treated to two unbelievable shots with no pressure;  A rarity.  I was then, synchronistically present for the opening of Little Cloud and got Old Ladie’s from the top with just blower bottomless. A birdie clued me into Thunder Bowl where, again, I got the goods of the year, top to bottom.  After that I needed a cigarette, but I don’t smoke so I did the next best thing and had breakfast at the Forklift chair.  I have , somehow , missed many openings this year; not in the right place at the right time, but today made up for all that.  Many folks were saying that it was the best of their lives. The heavier density snow, underneath, set the stage for the super light lake effect on top .  The Tram line went away with the openings giving rapid fire access to the hill .. The cold air kept the North faces cool and dry.  The East and South faces started to go quickly.  The West faces stayed great until 1:00 PM when the sun really started to kick in and affect the quality as one would expect.  I missed yesterday, but today more than made up for it.  Tomorrow will still have the high North aspects going and ,of course , the groomers will be awesome right out of the chute.  The temps. are supposed to be much higher  tomorrrow so more damage to the quality is sure to occur.  Get it early and get it fast !!!

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