I Told ‘Em

4-04-09 by dave

A very snowy Saturday morning greeted me out the kitchen window .  The canyon was closed.  Another overnight instalment awaited the faithful.  I was thinking back a few weeks when some folks were telling me the season was over and that we might as well write it off.  Now, me being the eternal optimist, told them, with the experience of hind sight, that most long trends are usually followed by a long trend which balances the other.  I felt confident in this assessment and I should have made them bet on it.  I have won such bets in the past.  Needless to say, this cycle has borne out my hunch and graced us with an abundance of the goods!!!  Today was certain to be another epic powder dance as the snow continued well into the afternoon here at my, award winning, communications trailer.  I just had to rest up from the past week, and check the backlog of messages from THE BIG GIANT HEAD.   Every once in a while I take off my aluminium foil hat so they can get through; but enough about me.   A short high pressure moving in will, no doubt, set the fluff up, but next week will bring more of the fluffy white substance…. so there!!!  All aspects are fat and entries good as they get so soak up as much as you can get while you can get it !!!  END TRANSMISSION

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  1. Bob Holman says:

    Hey Dave! Well I thought Wednesday was the holy grail. Today’s quality made me forget all about Wednesday. Today was THE DAY. A Holy Gift to the faithful, for sure. So deep in upper SilverFox at the start — that a turn too far off the fall line from a wuss like me — got you stuck to the chest, essentially imobilzed. Well sort of… Deep snow with that magic density. And after the first few hours, the light wasn’t ever really terrible. Sometimes it was quite good. There were just enough sight openings that even on Regs we could find interesting lines almost all day. I guess the road closing helped pare down skier volume. Didn’t seem crowded and everyone seemed in the best of moods, whooping, smiling, soaking in the wonder of it all. I’d say the Mountain gave even more to us than usual today. All decents were awesome. Even the lower mountain, Harpers East and Lowest Harpers. Even as the day got long. Never set up. Sorry you weren’t here, but then you get so many of these magic days. I can tell from what you’ve written that you’re genuinely happy for all of us who got to share. Bob

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