Instrument Flight Rules

4-03-09 by dave

To say Friday morning was visually challenging would be an understatement.  While there were periods of some definition, for the most part, the visibility was an issue.  Mineral basin was a vertigo festival with zero zero visibility.   The snow quality, on the other hand, was wonderfully buoyant, but a tad heavy wall to wall.  The bump remnants were still there, but were totally cushioned by the depth and heft of the product.  The lifts opened on time and areas were opened as the morning progressed until all runs were good to go for the faithful, who were in full attendance.  The snow continued, unabated, throughout the day and kept piling up.  Again, the visibility remained a challenge so staying as close to the trees payed the biggest dividends with reflected light and definition.  I haunted some of the ignored shots and found fresh lines well into the afternoon maxing out my knee stamina when I had to retreat for the week and take my requisite day off tomorrow.  The forecast is for more snow so be sure to check the road access before heading out as you can’t hang out on the road now.   The best option is to go to your favorite breakfast place or coffee shop to wait for the opening.  That will give you the head room and sustenance that you need for a high energy assault.  The conditions are great, what more can you say or hope for.  I will be absent from the hill tomorrow so hit it hard on my behalf and I will get the inside scoop from my deep cover sources so you know it will be the real deal, as you have come to expect.  Powder to the people!!!


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