4-23-15 by dave

The predicted inclement weather did not materialize, and the morning proved to be bright, sunny, and offering perfect corn in Mineral Basin.  The front side of the hill had a surface freeze that was going to take a bit to break, but in the mean time Mineral Basin was sweet and smooth.  The untracked Cornuroy was a delight when finding a smooth groove, and I took the opportunity to get some 8’s on a hidden line that escaped detection for some time.  When the front of the hill broke, the top to bottom consistency demanded a back to back pace to get as much of that big mountain smooth as possible in the short window of goodness.  That window did extend a bit longer than yesterday, with those deep corn sections offering the sorbet sweetness that only mature corn goodness can provide.  As the Spring continues to progress, the Big Return is becoming more evident on the hill, however, coverage remains excellent with only some spalling abutments sprinkling some rocks on the cat tracks.  Here is a shot of the Little Cottonwood Stream beginning to show some signs of building volume on it’s way to the Cycle.  DSC02828Tomorrow, look for another Spring morning with the goodness of Maize, however, there is still weather moving into the Front.  Afternoon weather seems likely, but the best part of the day should be another treat.  The off trail is worth a visit as softening occurs, and the High North is proving to be very entertaining and consistent now that some traffic has worked the lines.  The PSIA Academy is being held this week, and the concentration of great skiers is very high.  I have seen some serious turns being thrown down, and I have been taking notes on what I have been seeing.  It is fun seeing so many folks enjoying the terrain and snow quality.  See you for the morning goodness.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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