4-24-15 by dave

I was woefully under dressed this morning as there was snow falling and a brisk wind blowing when the Tram hit the peak. Surprise!!!!  I hit the front side of the hill to get some better gear for the conditions and found that there had not been a freeze in the pack.   The prepared lines had quite a bit of give, making turning easy and consistent.   I found very consistent lines on my return to Mineral Basin as the snow continued to fall with just a hint of accumulation that gave the lines a bit more traction, but also felt a touch sticky.  I checked out the Gad Valley by way of Mark Malu, where I found the same consistency that made the turns smooth and easy.  Visibility was a bit variable, but it was easy to see the details.  The clouds cleared off a bit as 11:00AM ticked off, and the visibility improved with some Sun peaking through from time to time.  I got this shot of some old snow shining in the morning sunshine.  DSC02787Later in the afternoon the clouds began to build up and cooler air kept the pack from getting too sticky on the lower section.  Tomorrow, this weather system will have filled in, bringing more precipitation for the day.  You may find some accumulation form the showers that have been pelting the Trailer this afternoon.  The Gad Zoom Chair was brought back into service and will be available for the weekend traffic.  Coverage is good all the way down to the chair, but there is only a path to the South of the Mid Gad Chair to access the Zoom Chair.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow to get ready for the coming week.  Enjoy the new product on the hill.  Ciao!!

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