4-22-15 by dave

It was another beautiful morning, with warm temps., already primed corn in the back bowl, and very low traffic for the entire morning.  The corn consistency was deluxe on the prepared lines, and a full on rock and roll approach was hard to resist.  On some of the steeper sections  I dialed back the speed to savor the sorbet delight beneath my feet and pretended I had hiked to get these goods.  I was going to squeeze every bit of love out of each turn.   On the front of the hill, the freeze was still a bit stout and needed to soften, but it was not going to take long.  After a Forklift repast, it was back to the goods as the front of the hill was going off and giving up the goods.  I love when the timing is predictable and hitting the mark.  Here is a shot of a section of old snow that had been skied, frozen, stripped by the nuking wind, and leaving a raised relief of days gone by.  DSC02807Tomorrow looks to be a inclement day as a weather system is moving into the front with some colder air coming out of the North and moisture pushing up from the South.  That might make for some interesting conditions.  The break  may or may not happen and we will just have to see.   Keep in mind your lines from today to keep yourself lined up in case of marginal visibility.  Coverage remains very good and the Cat Crew is doing a stellar job keeping the thin spots touched up.  See you there dark and early for the exploratory runs.  Straight Ahead!!

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