4-21-15 by dave

The corn has matured enough now to offer a sorbet delight right from the first runs of the day.  Of course, Mineral Basin was offering the goods for the first hour and a half while the front of the hill thawed a bit.  Both Powder Paradise and Lupine Loop were prepared, and those early runs featured delectable lines that begged for a return visit.  Traffic on the hill began to build up as folks arrived, but there was no pressure for the lifts at all.  A visit to the Forklift Chair was a perfect time to let the front of the hill break.  Here is another non sequitur shot of residual tracks from the last storm spiking out of the rock face.  That line was placed days ago, but it still remains as a reminder of the deep.  DSC02825_2When the front of the hill broke, the quality was going off in both gulches, and top to bottom sweetness was worth taking the time to slow down and dig deep into each turn to squeeze the most mojo out of the dynamic.  How sweet does it get.  Now I may be the only one, but I think perfect corn is as perfect as deep powder in it’s quality and rarity.  Coverage remains very good despite some melt off on the high points and rock outcroppings that capture the heat and melt the surrounding pack.  Mark Malu was offering the goods later in the day, as the High North orientation keeps the thaw from going off earlier.  That is a nice shot to lap when the lower sections of the hill get a bit sticky.  It looks like we might squeeze one more fair morning out of tomorrow, before some clouds move in due to a Low Pressure pumping moisture to the North.  Get there early for the back side boogie!!  Peace Out!!!

3 Responses to “SORBET DELIGHT”

  1. Sky King says:

    Like the comments re corn…

  2. Christopher Thiel says:

    Yeah perfect corn is as perfect powder.
    A number of years ago I was lucky enough to accompany Jake Lombard and the rest of the crew, including Brian Bayless, Art Moreno and Lucky Chuck Krause, the pilot in the first visit ever to Cascade Ridge. We skied a run called, at the time, 4500, for want of a better name. I had a pair of 212cm Rossignol Equipe Suisee. and was the first person to ski it. Full speed ahead.

  3. Dick Mahoon says:

    Dave, I’ll never forget the first time I skied perfect corn. It was down the Hobacks in JH in big wonderful Wyoming. I was in heaven on my 207s.
    Long swooping GS turns to get all the goodness. You couldn’t miss a turn even if you tried.

    Hong Kong

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