4-20-15 by dave

The last few freeze thaw cycles have brought the corn up to a righteous consistency after suffering through a couple of days of glue.  Mineral Basin was offering some very nice lines for the start of the day and I had to work the sorbet for the full hour and half before the breakfast break.  The Baldy Chair is now closed for the season, but we managed to make our way to the Landing to celebrate a great year of Lewis and Clark memories.  Here is a shot of the crew assembled for the occasion.  On the front of the hill, there had been tenderizing efforts performed, but the pack needed more time to break before those aspects became ready.  After breakfast, the front of the hill was just breaking and DSC02816the corn was really special with no sticky spots and velvety smooth turns were a treat to dig into.  We were doing Tram laps until the lower third of the hill started to get past prime, after which we stayed up high, hitting Regulator and Mark Malu to get the goods there as they became available.  Even though the break was an hour earlier, the quality extended well into the afternoon, and was still good to go when I ran out of gas.  Here is a shot of the Bronzynas of Santa Monica who were here for their 41st spring season at the Bird.  I have known them since I came here and it was great to have them here to share the goods.  DSC02819Tomorrow, look for more great corn goodness to be ready in Mineral Basin, and don’t forget to appreciate the terrain on which we get to throw down those high speed arcing turns.  We used to dream about those lines before the area was lift serviced, and now we get to do fast laps on that incredible terrain. The front of the hill will be breaking sometime after 11:00AM, so keep that in mind if you are going to delay your start.   DSC02821Lastly, here is a shot of Pipeline Bowl that had been opened to uphill hiking, where there were still some soft snow turns to be had on this High North aspect.  This individual was way up at the top of the bowl, so I zoomed in to give it some dimension.  See you there for continued Spring excellence.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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