4-19-15 by dave

These days of transition after a new installment feature all kinds of different consistencies depending on aspect.  This morning’s bright Sun began to work the Mineral Basin lines, where dry chalk, refrozen paste, and smooth fresh tilled lines were all part of the mix.  I made the requisite laps on the Lewis and Clark area to get those corduroy lines when they were fresh and delightful.  It did not take long for the Sun to soften those South facing aspects, that turned into that sweet sorbet consistency that you have to love.  It will be a few more freeze thaw cycles before the corn becomes more predictable, but you have to get it where you find it.  On the front of the hill, tenderized lines were prepared, but the freeze was solid and needed a while to break.  I took that opportunity to ride the Forklift Chair while softening occurred. Here is a shot of the wind sculpted features at the top of the Baldy Chair where these wave lines looked interesting in the morning sun.  The hill began to break around Noon, when Regulator began to get the feel.  At the same time, the lower flat areas began to get sticky, so staying up high was the place to be to avoid the dreaded glue spots.DSC02812Tomorrow, look for another crispy start to the day, but with the clouds that have moved in this afternoon, the break might be quicker.  Look to the Groomers that have been freshly tilled for the most traction on those front of the hill slopes.  Coverage remains excellent after the last installment, but there are aspects that are going fast after being hammered by the high winds several days ago.  Here is a shot of two of the East Coast Faithful who were here for this great Spring day. DSC02815 I know they were having fun, as they arrived just as the goods were hitting the  sweet spot.  Plus they were standing on top of the World and you have to love that.  The High North was eeking out the last bits of dryness, but I think that it will have been affected by the ambient warmth of today’s temps. going forward. DSC02814 Here is one last shot of The Jersey Girl as she headed up to Alta for the Highboy Extravaganza.  You could not see her face in the last shot of her I posted due to the massive face shot she was getting, so I though it fitting to include this shot for such a festive day.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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