4-18-15 by dave

The storm system has moved East, leaving only the clouds in the far distance as it moves off.  A cool morning to start the day, with great Groomers offering the goods.  Mineral Basin, as usual was calling for the morning session, and the Lewis and Clark lines were vacant and rippable.  On the front of the hill, the North facing aspects were offering very nice off trail lines, which have been refreshed by the last installment.  The Sun was certainly going to be working the exposed aspects and that needs to be factored in to line choices as we go forward.  Coverage has been much improved, but those old exposed sections still are lurking, so aim for the fat lines and avoid the high points on the hill.  With the Spring days coming back for the next couple of days, I thought I would offer this shot of the Wild Flowers out in Mineral Basin that Jones Malone took last Summer during the peak of the bloom.  -96Tomorrow promises to be another sunny day, so look for the Groomers to get the ball rolling, but forays off trail in search of softness will be rewarded in places. I will have to get a personal look at them and will make a more detailed report for the tomorrow’s post.  It looks like some more weather will be developing during the middle of the week, so we may get a bit more.  We shall see.  See you for the morning laps and ground pounding fun.  I hope to be able to drive with the top down. I have not been able to do that for some time now.   Straight Ahead!!

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