12-19-17 by dave

There is weather coming for the next couple of days, but the day was clear and balmy with all the inversion haze gone from the Valley. Here is a shot from the peak that pulls in the Bingham Mine across the Valley to show how clear it is down there after all the recent inversion overcast. Out on the hill, residual Gun Powder lines were available for the early risers, as the guns had been shut down earlier due to the warming temps up high. The Cat Crew did a nice job tilling the mat, leaving nice traction top to bottom that made those high edge angle moves work pretty well. The light crowd made back to back Trams a fun way to rack up vertical to keep the training laps fun and fast. Down on Big Emma, a nice line of deep rounded bumps have been built up with the traffic of recent days. There seems to be a good cadence to them, and folks were working them well. I was happy to stay on the smooth and consistent to be sure my knees last the season. The day warmed up with the rising Sun, and the pack got softer, however, no chop or rumble developed at all, so it was good to go top to bottom. Tomorrow, look for the weather to move in midday. The morning session could have some lighting issues with the clouds moving in, but you can count on the smooth carpets to help with any flat light issues. Precipitation will begin later and into Thursday. It is nice to see the weather coming around. Keep your fingers crossed. I will be dressing for weather and a fun day of prefrontal laps. As a parting shot I offer this crew who were stoked to be getting the first turns of the day when the temps were warm, the air still, and the dance floor well worked. It us so much fun to be around folks who are so happy to be standing on top of the world. Stay Frosty!!

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