12-18-17 by dave

Spotty clouds were sticking to the peaks this morning, leaving pools of sunshine and areas of flat light all in the same run. The temps were cool again, and I am glad I dressed for the occasion. A very nice fresh till was performed top to bottom, with Regulator offering long lines of residual Gun Powder that stretched down the right side for a tasty treat. The traffic was so light today that I was able to do the Tango with Michelle on a ballroom dancing Tram. There was plenty of room to move and we both new 10 of the 15 folks on the Boat. It was like a private resort all morning. As the day wore on, some of the central lines on the hill became a bit greasy, so it was wise to hug the shoulders to find those deeper lines that offered the most traction. The clouds seemed to thin out as the day progressed and the visibility was nice with Regulator getting bathed in full Sun almost every time I hit it. I love meeting folks who are experiencing the Tram ride and a day at The Bird for the very first time. Here is a shot of Team Rapple, who were stoked to be hitting the peak and were excited to be standing on top of the world. Tomorrow, look for another great day of early season training runs. Traffic will continue to be light, and the top to bottom consistency is good for dialing in those long looping turns. I will be looking for additional Gun Powder deposits under the guns and you can expect good quality with no stickiness when you drive into the soft carpets. That section of Gad 2 is feeling good, and the ride up the chair lets you get a good look ahead as the area fills in with the next installment. See you there for the hard driving morning laps. Straight Ahead!!

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