12-17-17 by dave

A couple of inches fell on the hill overnight, and with the cold temps. the snow making efforts were on full blast. The Cat Crew did a great job of preparing the dance floor for the faithful, providing a very dialable velvet nap. Traffic was very light for the morning session, back to back Trams were easy to make and there was plenty of room on the hill. Gad 2 was open again, offering only Election off the top of the chair. I kept the pace going on the Tram and did not get over there today. Here is a shot looking into Mineral Basin with the residual clouds making it seem like being in another dimension. After 11 AM. the traffic picked up and the runs got a bit tight, so I called it a day at Noon. Coverage remains excellent top to bottom and the snow making efforts continue unabated. Tomorrow, look for more great corduroy for the morning session, more Sunshine to light up the hill, and very light traffic top to bottom. With the guns turning out the product full blast, there are great lines of Gun Powder to be had, so keep a sharp eye out for the long silky lines of goodness. Looks like more weather is on tap for later in the week. In the mean time, take advantage of the full vertical extravaganza so you will be fully dialed when the goods get deep. See The Line, BE The line!!

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