12-16-17 by dave

A gentle storm moved into The Front during the late morning hours, delivering fresh flurries for the first time in quite a while. While it did not add up to much in the way of accumulation, it went a long way toward getting away from that High Pressure that was stalled over the West. The faithful were treated to the overnight efforts of the Snow making and Cat Crew team that provided a smooth buffed carpet to start out the day. Another treat was the first opening of Gad 2 for this season. That adds another set of options to keep the stoke going and the traffic spread out a bit more. Here is a great shot of Snoopy getting some of the fresh lines the other day and it was a good sign of things to come. Tomorrow, look for smooth carpets to be great for those laid over turns that the corduroy provides, some laps on the Gad 2 runs, and clearing skies. I will be dressing for a cold morning and I don’t think I will be sliding with the top down for a while now. There seems to be hints of more weather during the week. See you there for the first Tram and another day of fun on the hill. IBBY!!

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