12-15-17 by dave

Another smooth cruising morning was on tap, as the temps were cold, fresh Gun Powder was covering the dance floor and there was very light traffic on the hill. There were clouds to the North, but the day remained sunny and bright. A storm front is predicted to move into the Front tomorrow and Sunday, so we can hope for some fresh cover. Coverage remains excellent on the prepared lines, and the mat remained smooth all day long even with the traffic. I stopped into the Summit on Hidden Peak to enjoy the space when it is quiet. Here is a shot of the Twins framed in the large atrium. Folks often ask me where they can get the Pizza that I post from time to time. The Summit has Pizza that will get you as close as what I post, with an amazing pizza oven and fresh ingredients. Here is a shot of one of the pies that had just come out of the oven. The Crew at The Summit work hard to make the dining experience on the peak a special time. Tomorrow, look for snow and weather to be the big feature of the day. There should be a fair bit of traffic, but the pack is standing up nicely. With the new Essence, it should provide a much softer ride as it builds up. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, to get things done after a really fun week of top to bottom laps. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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