12-14-17 by dave

A light dusting was delivered overnight, which covered the dance floor and was in addition to the Gun Powder that was being pumped out in the cold morning air. I dressed light again today, but it was much colder, and I was right on the edge. With the guns blazing top to bottom, I had to go and get my goggles after the second run as the wash was coming down with vigor and sun glasses just did not cut it. It was a treat to have the extra traction on the hill, and I was able to dial in some smooth turns in the velvet sections that were stretched long under the guns. Traffic was very light and the hill had that private resort feel to it once again. One tram had less than a dozen of the faithful on board, with the hardy folks ready for the coming runs. Here is a shot looking Southeast from the peak toward Provo Peak. The inversion has it’s beautiful characteristics, you just have to appreciate the elements that have been happening for Aeons. Tomorrow, look for more fresh Gun Powder to be offered for the early risers. Temps. should be cold enough to make it. Snow making efforts continued all day long today and I expect efforts to continue tomorrow as well. As I found out today, goggles are not required, but they sure help going through the wash. The new man made snow was very consistent and was not in the least sticky or grabby. Be sure to dial in some deep arcs in the dry confection when you see it. See you there for the early morning fun runs. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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