12-13-17 by dave

I broke out of the Valley fog just beyond the La Caille turn off, as if I was climbing out after take off. It was wild looking over the cloud tops as the morning Sun was coming up and the sky was clear and blue. There were high clouds to the North that were working into the area. The first hint of change was in the air, and the Valley inversion layer began to creep up the canyon. The High Clouds began to filter the Sun a bit, making the light flat from time to time. The hill had been reworked top to bottom, offering a nice consistent corduroy ride, with plenty of traction to keep things real. Traffic was very light and it felt like a private resort all morning long. Even though it was a bit warmer this morning, the lack of bright Sun made the temps. feel a bit cooler. Here is a shot of one of the fresh flowers that were gracing the tables in the Forklift this morning. Tomorrow, look for more good cruising top to bottom. The coverage remains good on the prepared runs, and the corduroy is smooth and predictable all over. There is just a hint of glaze on the steep breakover on Regulator, so expect a bit of glide on that one spot. Light traffic also means, mega vertical,as there is no waiting for the lifts. I have been getting a lot of laps in, which will pay off when the deep stuff hits. And….. it WILL come!! Speed safely!!

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