12-12-17 by dave

A fresh till of the open runs was a treat to greet the day. This made the consistency of the still firm conditions much more predictable and there was ample traction to keep the turns where you needed them to be. I was still working the averages, using all the elements on the surface to keep it tight. As the Sun came up over the ridge, it was much easier to see the corduroy dust accumulations. Traffic was light, and there was plenty of room to get what you needed out of each turn. As the nap got worked over, the good traction could be found on each side of the prepared lines. I found some delightful turns down the sides that were worth dialing back a tad to extract as much juice as possible from the dry dust. Coverage remains excellent on the prepared lines, and I still have not seen any rocks in the road yet. Tomorrow, look for another day of training runs. Consistency remains firm but workable. The early morning light is still quite flat, but the smooth surface mitigates that factor. Traffic will continue to be light, and you will find those early morning runs really wide open and fun top to bottom. It is great to have the full vertical to keep the stoke factor high. Last night was the first designer pizza tasting party of the season at Kazoodi’s secret spot. Mikey M was throwing down the pan pizzas all night long. You can get these at any of the Barone’s Pizza locations in LA. If you are in LA, be sure to find out how special these made to order treats really are. They are SOME GOOD!!! See for the first Tram extravaganza in the AM. IBBY!!

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