12-11-17 by dave

It was a great day to get more vertical, as the traffic was light,and there was plenty of room to stretch out on the upper section. Though snow making had ended for the daytime, there was residual dust to cover the dance floor. Again, it was extra primos firm but the super smooth surface of the man made let you dial in some control measures. The Right side of the Grooming on Regulator seemed favored all day, and got quite soft as the Sun played on it in the afternoon. It was really special to spend time on the peak today to just bask in being up there. Here is a great shot of TEAM RAY on the peak as they were ready to throw down on a top to bottom run. Today was perfect training snow. I got lots of vertical as there was no waiting all day. On another Tram, I came across Erin and Bonito taking their pictures on the peak with C. Baron Photography from Houston, TX. It was fun to get this beautiful shot in a beautiful place. They came all the way to Snowbird and Hidden Peak specifically for these pictures. Tomorrow, look for another nice day of training runs that will help develop the stamina. The firm surface is really good to A B turns when it is really good. When it gets good I feel like I will uncork it. Coverage on the main runs remains excellent, and I have not hit a rock yet anywhere. Traffic should be light again, so more vertical will be the order of the day. See you there for the first fast laps!! IBBY!!

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