12-20-17 by dave

High winds were howling out of the South this morning, shutting the tram down and blowing all the loose snow off the prepared runs. The Cat Crew had done a nice retill of the runs, and the traction was there, but missing was the soft dust that kept the turns moving forward in each arc. I dressed for the cold, and while the pre frontal temps seemed warm, the wind and humidity really cut through the layers and I was glad I had that extra layer for just such the occasion. Traffic was super light and it seemed like we were the only ones on the hill. Gad 2 was offering that Election section that has all those nice terrain changes that add a lot of interest and variety. After two runs I made my way to the Forklift Chair to access the options for the day. Here is a shot of Team Shred accessing the options as well, but I am certain they went out and killed it. I left after the breakfast meeting and got some things done at The Trailer. Tomorrow, look for a fair amount of accumulation on the hill as it began dumping here at The Trailer at 1PM. and is still snowing as I write this. How much we will get is anyone’s guess, but it will go a long way to improving the ride top to bottom. Traffic will be a bit heavier than today, and the Tram will be back in play as the storm moves East. Be ready for some of those greasy spots to be reflecting through the new snow as it gets worked. Look to the sides for the best traction as that is where all the dust was pushed in recent days. I will be taking tomorrow off to get a new Tachyon inductor manifold installed in The Star Cruiser, as it is in dire need of a change out. See you Friday. Peace Out!

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