12-21-17 by dave

7” of fresh essence fell on the hill with this impulse that moved through yesterday. Cold air was firmly in place and dressing warm for the temps was a good call. Stout winds out of the East moved a lot of the new snow off to the sides on the upper mountain leaving the firm prepared sections a bit greasy. Traffic was moderated for the first hour, but got more active as the morning progressed. As I was off the hill today I offer this piece of the art I have been doing to add some color and intrigue. Tomorrow, look for another cold morning. Grooming efforts will have been employed and the new snow should be blended into the mat, making for good traction for the morning session. I will be dressing for the cold an and using my best speed control techniques on the firm sections. When the snow gets deep, all the training runs will really pay off. See you there for the first Boat. Speed Safely!!

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