12-22-17 by dave

The morning was crisp and clear and I dressed for the occasion. There was a stiff breeze on the peak, but it was not moving any snow around to speak of. A beautiful new corduroy carpet was prepared that felt smooth and dialble for the morning session. Traffic was light, and back to back Trams were the order of the morning with top to bottom non stop runs to help develop the stamina. It is such a treat to see clear air in the Valley. Here is a shot of Team Mason, who were stoked to be getting the day started. As the day moved on, the quality remained consistent, with only the lower elevations getting a bit slick in spots. New sections of terrain were opened, with lower Bassakwards looking very good. The Wilbre Chair was open, with Harper’s Ferry open top to bottom. The lower section was in good shape, with only the tops of the willows showing. It is great to get these added sections of terrain added to the mix. Here is a shot of Team Taylor getting another fast lap on the Tram. It is so fun to meet so many folks who come to the Bird and have such enthusiasm being here. Tomorrow, look for fresh snow to be part of the mix as an impulse is predicted to bring snow overnight and into tomorrow. The hill remains in good shape on the prepared lines, and any added accumulation will really help the quality. Dress for cold, as this system is coming out of the Northwest. I will be making the trip to the Home Planet for the next few days, and there will be no way to get a link through the Quantum Foam. I will return just after The Holiday. Have a great time with the new snow that is on the way. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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