2-06-16 by dave

The forecast high clouds held off until later in the day, so the morning was bright and sunny, though there was still a nip in the air.  The Groomers were offering carvelicious carpets of Hydro Velvet to dial in your inner Ligety.  The off trail was still offering soft cold snow that was still explosive and blastable.  The faithful were in full attendance and there was quite a bit of pressure for the goods, but there was plenty of room to find your own line with no pressure if you looked a bit outside the box.  The day warmed up as the day wore on, and that was a nice treat after all that very cold air.  I am still pealing some of the frost bite off my nose from last week.  Here is a shot I took yesterday of the the Twins looking mysterious through the mist, and the fresh lines waiting in the wings for the opening of the Road to Provo.   The entire mountain is feeling very good right now, and any line you choose is bound to be a treat no matter the exposure.  DSC03509Tomorrow, look for another great day, though they predict some high clouds for the AM.   The Groomers will be offering some real fun, especially with all the new lines the Cat Crew has been adding to the list of prepared runs.  I will be looking to get a look at the Lower Lower Chips Face to feel the steep urgency of that particular pitch.  It is rarely prepared and I always look forward to getting those cold dry lines that a fresh till offers.  Off trail should be offering great lines as well, though I think there might be a bit more chop happening on the high traffic  lines. DSC03515 Here is a parting shot of the entrance to the Snowbird Pharmacy, which just happens to be located  adjacent to where two of the Universal Axes converge.  Of course the Time Axis is always NOW.  Just so you know.  Peace Out!!

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