2-05-16 by dave

The predicted 1 to 3” of overnight accumulation turned into a full 13” of 4% Essence that was totally blower and just like you see in the magazines and movies.  The explosive nature of the cover was providing serious face shots, especially in the areas where the accumulation was much deeper than the average.   Here are two shots of Flying Brian Beck working Fields of Glory IMG_0041up on High West Baldy when it opened today.  The consistency out there was stellar and the underlying pack was smooth and free of rumble, which is a real treat when you are in full power blasting mode as Mr. Beck is demonstrating here.  Here is the next in the sequence to pull it together, with trails of glorious cold smoke hanging in the air long after the powder passage. IMG_0040I think these shots say it all as it was this good wall to wall all over the hill.  As the day wore on, the harbor chop began to build up as it will under heavy traffic, but there was plenty of real estate where  blastable line were good to go.  Here is a shot of Superior this morning, where it did not take long for the faithful to make the arduous trek to that forbidding  peak.  DSC03511Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering stellar Hydro Velvet for the morning session.  The off trail will still be offering very soft snow that resisted deterioration due to the quite cold temps.  It should be another quite cold morning, so dress accordingly, but the day should warm up later.  There is expected to be band of high clouds moving through, so it may flatten the light a touch. Look for areas that may be waiting in the wings that did not get opened today.  These are the days we have been waiting for and they are here in full effect.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow to do some work on the antenna array here at the Trailer.  The horses in the coral will be watching the process, as that is the most exciting thing they get to see.  Straight Ahead!!


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