2-04-16 by dave

A low energy storm had moved over the Front overnight, leaving an inch of freshness on the dance floor for the morning session.  Visibility was at a premium, however, there was enough clarity to use the trees as a reference.  Out in Mineral Basin, difficult off trail conditions sent me back to the smooth prepared lines that were incredible and untracked when I hit them.  On the front of the hill, the Anderson’s Hill- Lower Primrose line had been re buffed and covered with freshness that kept my attention after that foray into Mineral.  The Cat Crew has cut a new line on the bottom of the Lower Primrose Path that was dry, chalky, steep, and nicely covered with the overnight Essence.  It gets deeper, it does not get better.  I tried some other off trail lines, but was sent back to buffed lines to preserve my knee integrity, and maintain a consistent turn cadence.  I got this great shot of a very bold fashion statement, that oozed a patriotic theme.  DSC03507Around 12:30 PM. a rime ice event began to cause consternation as the fog froze to the goggles, making the visibility even more interesting.  It was at this point I called it a day, as I did not want to fight the variations with no idea what was in front of me.  Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, more accumulation from the last of the storm energy to be covering the dance floor, and another day of ripping Hydro Velvet to greet the early morning faithful.  Areas that were close today should be opening after control work is complete, so we have that waiting in the wings.  Still, expect variable conditions off trail, but there will be some lines that were favored by the wind and may offer deeper accumulation.  Those wind lines will be offering the best off trail options.  See you there for another day of really exquisite hard driving rock and roll.  Speed Safely!!

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