2-03-16 by dave

After days of limited visibility, the Sun finally broke out in the afternoon hours.  The hill offered a wide variety of conditions depending on aspect and it’s exposure to the wind that has been working the hill these past few days.  The Peruvian side of the hill offered unreal Groomers top to bottom, that were covered with a perfect angel dust that was totally untracked for the first runs.  It was like 40” of Zero percent covering the hill. Powder Paradise opened after control work was completed, but you had to really follow your senses to feel for the goods.  The lower aspects were quite wind slabbed, causing me to beat a hasty retreat back to the prepared lines.  Back on the front of the hill, The Road to Provo opened offering really consistent deep goodness that felt picture perfect underfoot.  I made numerous laps there to get as much of it as I could during such a low traffic day.  Here is a shot of the Twins framed by the rime crusted trees.  DSC03500Having the Sun come out was such a treat, and made line choice a much easier call as all the details were in sharp focus.  I also took a exploratory run out to the Exotic Trees where I found the pack had been trammeled soundly, leaving only stiff piles to plow through.  Here is a shot of the perfect Essence that was suspended tantalizingly above the traverse.  DSC03505Tomorrow, look for another weak storm system to be moving through, so visibility may be an issue once again.  The Groomers should be offering sumptuous HydroVelvet top to bottom, with only Regulator showing a firmer face.  The off trail will be a bit stiff after today’s traffic, but a direct power drive line will punch though the variations.  Still, be aware of that slabby consistency on some aspects out in Mineral Basin, but, there too, the Groomers will be off the chart ripping.  See you there for the hard driving fun fest.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Pilot 3D says:

    Surreal. Always a quality home to return to from most anywhere.
    See you on the hill.

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