2-02-16 by dave

The hill was covered with added fluff by the continued unstable air that was bringing Lake Effect snow to cover the hill.  There was a fairly early push for the goods, leaving me getting third Tram even though I hit it at the usual time.  Up on the hill, the Western aspects received the deepest accumulation thanks to the continued wind that was transporting the goods to those lines.  I showed some great folks from NH. some of my lines out in the far reaches where we found some very nice fluffulescence that was delightfully light and effortless.  Upper Peruvian Gulch opened after a bit and I worked a Great Scott line that offered both wind slab goodness followed by some boot top deep transported snow.  Those High North sections are really starting to shape up.  Visibility was at a premium, and with the wind, snow, and clouds, it made navigating a bit of a challenge, but the trees kept the reference points close and stable.DSC03498I ran into TEAM POWDER, who were mounting up for another adventure in search of the steep and deep.  I pointed out a couple of my observations that I think they would find advantageous.  I will find out later how it worked out for them.  I am sure they found it where they were going.  Tomorrow, look for another very cold day, thought I think the clouds will have pulled off and we might see some detail again.  After all the wind and accumulation, there will be many variations all over the hill, but I still think there will be some very deep and light lines to find.  The underlying rumble is still in evidence, but the fresh cushion is mitigating the ride for the most part. DSC03496 Here is a shot of Jill, who is holding down the chair in the Activity Center, where all the other activities you will find available on the hill are booked.   I love the studious look of those cool glasses she is sporting.  See you tomorrow for another awesome day of Snow Sport Sliding.  Straight Ahead!!

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