2-07-16 by dave

Many folks arrived early to get a jump on the day, I guess to be able to leave early to take advantage of game day.  An 8:45AM Tram took the early risers to the peak where a cold North wind was nuking seriously, making the wind chill extra brisk. I was woefully under dressed as I dressed for how I wanted it to be.  I did a fast lap in Mineral Basin where the Hydro Velvet carpets were offering sumptuous lines that were getting dusted by the transported product from the high wind.  Some of the pockets were getting filled in, and they were starting to feel more consistent as the morning progressed.  On the Front of the hill, fresh tilled lines were amazing, with the big Anderson’s Hill –  Lower Primrose Path combination offering perfect buffage to lay down some serious lacerations on the pack.  That Lower Lower Chips Face was still smooth and soft, and it was fun to dial in those tight turns to keep the acceleration under control. DSC03520Jo and Kayla were double teaming the front of the Forklift as we stopped for the  post morning session breakfast breakdown.  It is always a treat to have these smiling faces greet us as we take the table.  The Forklift Chair never disappoints.  Tomorrow, look for another high pressure day, with freshly buffed Groomers on all sides of the hill.  Look for wind deposited lines from the wind that I think will continue overnight.  Off trail is setting up, and the wind did scour some of the High North lines, so they may be a bit punchable. I will be checking the temps. more closely so I don’t dress too lightly again.  Doh!! Traffic should be quite light for the morning session and, perhaps, the Wings may make an appearance.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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