4-07-21 by dave

It was a clear cold morning, but, with the Sun high in the sky it was going to warm up quickly. As anticipated, the Groomers were really sweet on all sides of the hill as the new product was tilled into the mat, providing dry chalky traction that made for hero turns. An amazing industrial smoothing of Upper Silver Dipper was the highlight of the morning, with a seamless carpet of corduroy that kept you close to the fall line as it dropped relentlessly and kept the smooth perfection top to bottom. Upper Primrose Path also go the treatment and was good to go when the other aspects were falling off with the Sun and traffic. Off trail was offering some really smooth lines on the North facing aspects, but the bottom layer was still in play, however, the general smoothness of the pack there made those turns easy and consistent. Here is a long shot of Upper Silver Dipper after the first run.

Steep, smooth, and ready for prime time, Silver Dipper was a dream for the morning session.

The temps warmed up really quickly, and by 11AM it was getting toasty, but I am glad that I put on that extra layer for the early session. Tomorrow, look for more great prepared lines on all sides of the hill, though there may be some crispy sections with the morning cold. The pack should thaw out quickly again, but expect some variation and follow the Sun for the best quality. Coverage remains excellent top to bottom on all sides of the hill, so you can work the lines with confidence. Remain Standing!!

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