4-06-21 by dave

A fair installment of fresh Essence covered the dance floor overnight and continued for most of the day. The new product cushioned the ride a bit, but the underlying substrate was fully in play. Most of the hill opened up, but there is still some sections of the hill that will be waiting in the wings for tomorrow. Here is a shot of Whiskey stoked to be on the peak and ready to hit the power powder pocket!

Whiskey always brings the high stoke everyday and dials in the Powder Pocket!!

Tomorrow, look for some of those sections that were closed today to be opening, but expect the bottom layer to still be in play. The Groomers will be offering much improved softness with the addition of the new product tilled into the mat. The Sun will be shining, and temps will be warming up, so stay ahead of the Sun angles and work the dial on the hill for the best quality. Traffic will be much higher with the new snow, so work the chairs for the best uphill access. Stay Frosty!!

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