1-29-24 by dave

With the High Pressure firmly ensconced over The Front, the temps warmed up quickly, working the pack where the Sun was pounding and getting it a tad damp. Great prepared lines were on tap on all sides of the hill, with Mineral Basin offering the bright Sun and buffed steep sections that let you uncork it and warp out. Those front side lines were still smokin’ buffed and, with walk on Trams, let you dial in back to back blasters all morning long.

There was a lot of energy in the air today, and the Sun was pumping out some special effects for the afternoon commiseration.

Tomorrow looks like a carbon copy of today’s Sun drenched festivities. With all those aspects taking on a lot of the Sun’s energy, I expect some serious crispiness for the morning’s offerings, even those sections that get buffed. The North facing aspects still are holding the cold and the dry chalk, but expect those direct South and West aspects to be problematic. Traffic was quite light, so maximum vertical is on tap, with back to back laps good to go all day long. Look to Mineral for the Sun, and, perhaps, there may be some early softening back there. The Front side should still be holding tough. Enjoy these next couple of days, the storms are lined up. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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