1-30-24 by dave

As anticipated, it was a full on smooth cruzin’ day, with amazing prepared lines on all sides of the hill, warm temps, and bright Sun to light the dance floor for the day’s festivities. White Diamonds and lower Silver dipper were offering smooth firm lines that were easy to get an edge into, and The Baldy Chair offered ground pounding fun on the buffed lines that let you dial in the high angle turns.

Looking down Canyon at the terrain that just waits for your commitment to the adventure.

The front side of the hill was offering those long steep drops that were prepped with care and offered full on back to back, top to bottom, non stop laps. That pace was easy with the walk on Trams and light traffic on the hill. Tomorrow, look for more nicely prepared lines, with the aspects that saw a lot of Sun today being crispy and difficult till softening occurs. Coverage remains excellent, and there are lots of lines that have potential so keep your eyes peeled for a far out line just waiting for you. Enjoy these nice warm days, as weather will be moving in later in the week so get your wide open ground pounding in before the vis goes South. Remain Standing.

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