1-28-24 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with plenty of Funshine on the hill, great visibility and nicely prepared corduroy on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin was offering some deluxe carpets that let you dial in your inner Ligety and really feel the carve in the snow.

Loving the dry chalky goodness of a Lewis and Clark exploratory. MMMMMM Goood.

The front of the hill was offering those big dialable lines that have been holding strong all week and really test your stamina for a top to bottom non stop Hullabaloo!! The Freeride Competition was being held on upper Silverfox, which was fun to watch the kids throw down on that well worked line. The bar just keeps getting higher every year. Tomorrow, look for more great industrial smoothing on all sides of the hill, which will offer that dry chalky consistency that makes each turn a delight. Traffic should be a tad lighter, but expect a push for the goods first thing. I’ll be looking for the sunshine in Mineral Basin to start. Great hot laps back there till it gets busy. Stay Frosty!!

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