1-09-12 by dave

The high pressure is back, and with it all the elements of the inversion begin to affect the hill.  The morning Groomers were really fun, though the low angle Sun still is not helping the flat tight situation for the fist few Trams.  The off trail is becoming better and better as the traffic works it.  I have found numerous lines that have escaped the notice of the majority.  Lower West Baldy was open today, looking like there were some consistent sections, though the low snow makes it an adventure.  The hill is becoming firmer as we move along, though the tenderizing efforts by the Cat Crew really help that entire morning session.  In the afternoon, look to the side lines to still be holding some softness, where you can scrub some speed or just lay down some smooth carves.  The Patrol is placing some plastic padding in the upper Rat’s Nest entrance.  I got a look at the material and it is like the stuff they use at the Summer Park in PC.  Any kind of


mitigation in that area will be a tremendous help, as it is really gnarly now.  Tomorrow, look for the morning session to be fast and furious, with back to back Trams to be keeping the pace brisk and demanding.   Regulator will be a bit crispy, as today got quite soft and mushy.   Perhaps scope out some of the peripheral lines from the lifts before heading out there for the best chance of nailing the goods.  The snow pack has consolidated quite a bit, so punching through is becoming less of a concern, though there are still hazards.  The day may be a bit grey, as they are predicting a brush by. See you of the first Tram.   Ciao!!

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