1-08-12 by dave

It was cold, blowing, with snow in your face  getting off the top for first Tram.  The new fresh Essence was a welcome addition, and drew the requisite response from the faithful, who have been waiting patiently for so long.  The Groomers were especially creamy, with finally something to put an edge into without wincing. The quality was very nice and resisted slabbing from the heavy wind.   The very cold temps of the morning, made the Gun Powder quite delightful and luxurious, though short lived after leaving the zone.  The hazards are covered now, and I was hearing about some altercations with the substrate that exists over at Gad 2, but you had to know going into that area, after the traffic had worked it, that it was going to be problematic.  I was asked if I had any P Tex to repair a nasty core shot, but I pulled all that from my locker quite some time ago.  As the morning wore on, the old layer  began to crop up again, but an eye for the grey white contrast indicated the variations, making them easy spot.  The wind was very strong, so there might be some transported snow overnight for the morning crew, though most of it seemed to be headed to Mineral Basin. Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to


provide some sumptuous hydrovelvet for the first time in a while.  Off trail will still be offering the same go to lines as before, but variations from the known line will be a toss up.  There has been a buzz about the Rasta Chutes, but my excursions over in that direction revealed some serious ledging from the rotten snow pack, making any real fall line attack dubious and difficult.  Check all that stuff out from below before you commit to the upper section.  I am glad I did, and this new snow will not go too far in repairing it.  I am just saying.   Dress for cold as Winter is back after the Spring like temps we have had.   See you there for fun in the AM!!   Here is  a great shot taken by my good friend Mike on the early Tram.  Start of a great day!!   Peace Out!!!

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