1-07-12 by dave

There was over an inch of freshness on the Trailer this morning, signaling the long over due installment of Essence that we have been needing for so long.  This seems to be just a small freshening before we get another High Pressure, but it is still snowing and the forecast is for a bit more during the day.  The picture of the day from Snowbird’s Web site looks promising, perhaps indicating a bit more than the 7” on the official report.  Any kind of addition to the snow pack will help alleviate the firmness that has plagued us for such a long time.  This much snow will also cover all the previously obvious hazards that had been exposed by the traffic working the off trail, and the freshness will give the Cat Crew a bit of material to blend into the mat.  Be sure to remember all the off trail lines you have been working to avoid the snags.   The tenderizing efforts were greatly appreciated these past days, and the addition of the new snow will go a long way to making the traction better after having to float the icy sections, though there will still be tiles to keep in mind, as it will take a fair bit more coverage to bury the icy spots.  When the conditions get variable as they will be now, a longer averaged turn will help smooth out the variations.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the fast movers, who will be coming out to get the new snow.  You won’t be able to hear them as before, so keep an eye up hill.  Tomorrow, look for clearing, better visibility, new snow to work, and a full increment of increased fun.   I will be on first Tram in the AM., so see you there!!! IBBY!!

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